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Meet Phil. Phil is our founder and master sandwich artist. He moved from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2004 where he met his wife, Kristin. The two of them have spent the larger part of the last 10 years putting together top notch 'barbeques' for their friends several times a year and I'll tell ya, getting that invite just makes our mouths water. They deliver such delicious and high quality food that brings us all back over and over again. 

Phil has always had a passion for high quality and set this bar when he was a sommelier at Guy Savoy and later Wine Director at Caesar's. Since 2020, Phil started looking at the different sandwiches that he's missed from Chicago and some others he's come across along the way. Spending countless hours talking with vendors, trying out fresh produce, and of course roasting porchetta. 

We know you'll share in the joy that comes from eating one of Phil's masterpieces. Phil's sandwiches are build the Proper way and that's why we are Proper Sandwich Company.  


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