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Hey, let us start by saying thanks for being interested enough in us to read this, it's super cool of you.  My name is Eric and my partner's name is Phil.  We are two local guys that have dreamt about opening this little shop for over 15 years.  I grew up here in Vegas and met Phil back in 2004 after he moved here from Chicago*.  At the time we were both waiters at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill (now Amalfi) at Caesars Palace.  A couple of month's later we opened Restaurant Guy Savoy together.  I left to get into management and started running restaurants for Mario Batali (the once amazing but now defunct Carnevino and B&B Ristorante here in town) and Michael Mina (RN74 in Seattle** and the eponymous Michael Mina at the legendary Aqua spot in San Francisco) while Phil racked up the accolades as wine director at Guy Savoy before ultimately becoming the wine director at Caesars Palace.


Like most people in the hospitality industry we'd go grab beers at our local bar (Steiner's on south lvb) virtually every night when we got after work.  After a few beers, after losing $100 playing video poker and and after losing another $200 playing video blackjack trying to win back the first $100 we lost, the conversation would always turn to how great it would be to have our own spot one day.  Something small and manageable where we didn't have to worry about cutting corners or lowering our standards just to survive a busy dinner service during convention season.  We wanted to get away from the late, grueling hours that accompany busy strip restaurants (having the last table sit down at 10 pm and ordering a 12 course tasting menu is not something we ever want to have to do again).  Most importantly, however, we wanted to surround ourselves with ingredients we were passionate about and make things that we loved to eat.  Some of those things, in no particular order: cured meats, crusty bread, anything pickled, all of the cheeses, great craft beer, pork in all its forms...  Cue the floating lightbulb over our heads.  One day we were going to open a really, really good sandwich shop.


Here we are 15 years later.  We've replaced our brown suit and ties (that was our uniform, we weren't vacuum cleaner salesmen from the 1970's) for jeans and t-shirts.  We've traded in our champagne* trolley with a soda fountain machine.  Instead of trying to upsell the 12 course menu for $390 we'll be stoked if you make your sandwich or salad a combo for a few extra dollars.  And we couldn't be happier about any of it. 

We are really committed to being a shining star in the Las Vegas hospitality community.  If someone ever asks you where they can get a great sandwich in Las Vegas we'd value nothing more than for you to honestly and instinctively respond with "Proper Sandwich Company."  We can't wait to meet you so come check us out.  We'll be here every day and would love to feed you.

*that's why our giardiniera is so freaking good

**go seahawks

***although champagne is freaking amazing so Phil's gonna have a few fancy bottles in the walk-in cooler if anybody wants to buy it​​​​​

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